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These are some of William Stout’s production designs done for the 1985 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie with Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella.

Confession time… MOTU is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love the utter cheesiness of this film, and how Frank Langella just chewed his way through the scenery every time he was on camera (I think I was rooting for Skeletor throughout the movie, that’s how much I loved his performance!)

Anyways, this art is absolutely glorious! The powered-up Skeletor is amazing, and I think they captured it perfectly in the film.

The cool spaceships of Star Citizen

I have never heard of this game before seeing these pics, but damn I am looking forward to it now!



"DC Bombshells" Series Part II —
By Ant Lucia
(via @GeeksNGamers

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Excellent work - great series of images. Liking the Wonder Woman one lots.

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