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20 Comic-Con Exclusive Collectibles Worth Selling Somebody's Soul For

Damn you to bloody hell SDCC! Top picks:

  • Transformers “Knights of Unicron” Set
  • Ninja Turtles 90’s movie 4-pack
  • Deadpool Mr. Potato Head
  • Star Wars Porkins statue (you know you want it!)





BATGIRL #35 cover, 2014.  I am taking over Batgirl starting in October! I’m co-writing with my friend Brenden Fletcher, doing covers and layouts for the amazing Babs Tarr, who will do finished art, and colours by the equally amazing Jordie Bellaire.  New tone, new aesthetic, new costume, new everything. Really excited. 

This sounds AMAZING.

This is happening!

gawd i love this

It seems such a drastic shift, but it could be a refreshing read, and Babs has always been my favourite of the Bat-Family so I am all for it!

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